Welcome to Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church

The place where yolks are broken, hearts are mended and hope is restored.

The mission of the Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church is to preach and teach the life changing word of God to make the church, the community and our lives better.

Welcome to mt. Olive missionary Baptist church

Welcome to the internet presence of the Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. We are certainly glad you took time to visit with us. Here at Mt. Olive, we are a 123-year-old congregation that is serious about our relationship with God. Our mission is to preach and teach the life changing word of God to make the church, the community and our lives better.

We seek to fulfill that mission by providing our members with the resources necessary to equip them for effective ministry and Christian living. You will find our Church School, Bible Study, and Worship relevant to the issues of the times. We also seek to provide Christ like compassion and guidance through service to our community and God’s people throughout our society with our Benevolence Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Men & Women Ministry Outreach efforts and participation in Dorothy’s Helping Hands. There are a number of relevant opportunities available to nurture our youth in Youth Church, SoulNfluence Girls Ministry, Boys 2 Men, and Scholarship offerings. Through our outreach efforts we work to address problems relating to spiritual, social, political and economic evils that adversely impact our society. We are “The Place Where Yokes are Broken, Hearts are Mended, and Hope is Restored.”
Our prayer is that you will not only visit our website but visit with us in the physical presence. The door is always open, and you’re welcome anytime you come this way.
Many Blessings,
Rev. Frank Cornelius Brown, Pastor

Come worship and praise

Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church provides a platform for communal worship, which can be a deeply moving and uplifting experience. The music, prayers, and congregational singing create an atmosphere of reverence and joy, allowing us to connect with God on a profound level. This shared worship amplifies the spiritual energy and creates a sense of unity among believers.

Let's commune and Pray

Church School

Each Sunday at 9:00 AM

Prayer Line

Every Monday – Saturday (except Holidays) at 10:00 AM

Dial: 605-313-4802
Access Code: 539312#

Worship Service

Each Sunday at 10:30 AM

Bible Study

Every Wednesday on Facebook Live at 7:00 PM

Watch Live

We affirm sola scriptura, “scripture alone,” as our guide for faith and practice. This includes a profession of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, baptism by immersion, and communion. Baptism and Communion are direct commandments of our Lord and are for believers only. These ordinances are symbols of the Christians identification with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

Get Involved

Mt. Olive is growing as we walk in our path and you can be apart of the journey!


Volunteering at Mt. Olive Baptist Church is important as it allows individuals to actively contribute to the betterment of the church community and the surrounding society, fostering a spirit of service and compassion. By offering one's time and skills, volunteers play a vital role in supporting the church's mission, strengthening relationships, and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Do you or one of your family members want to be a part of something bigger than themselves or help walking God’s Path?

We can help you!